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Mozart Marathon Success!

By newmozartorchestra, Dec 6 2016 10:58AM

Attracting around 60 musicians and over 100 audience members throughout the day, the NMO's Mozart Orchestral Marathon on Saturday 26th November was a great success. The first note was played at 9am on the dot, and the last just after 7pm, with never more than a couple of minutes of silence to reshuffle the orchestra. A mix of symphonies, concertos and chamber music could be heard at High Wycombe Guildhall, incluidng concertos from violin, clarinet, flute, piano, harp and even the rarely-heard sounds of the Alp Horn!

Some comments from players and audience members...

Hi there,

Just wanted to say thank you for such an enjoyable session. It was such a pleasure playing in the Clarinet concerto in particular, I've heard it loads but never played it before so that really made my day! Alex Cullen

Thank you all so much for such a wonderful Mozart Marathon day, which will enter into the High Wycombe musical history of delights.

Ros Asher

Thank you so much for a brilliant afternoon yesterday at the Mozart Marathon. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the violin concerto (vibrant), the 4 winds (scrumptious), the piano concerto (joyous), the flute concerto (the flautist was amazing ), the bassoon concerto (I agree, it is the king, the bassoonist was superb), and loved joining in symphony 35 and sitting next to bionic Nicky (how did her chops last for so many hours??). My friends and family in the audience absolutely loved the whole idea of the Marathon and really enjoyed themselves. They are all raving about you and the NMO. Thank you to Naomi and everyone else who helped put on such a big event. Sam Christie

Thank you so much for a wonderful, inspiring day on Saturday! It was truly wonderful to play in and listen to, so much Mozart, played so very well, and to hear some excellent soloists. I would love to be involved in any future projects with the orchestra, whether it is a day work shop or another event. Claire Glaser

What a brilliant day it was! I can't remember when I last had such an enjoyable day playing, and I met lots of old friends I hadn't seen for years. Alison and I intended to stay to the end to listen to the concertos so it was an unexpected bonus to have so many opportunities to play. Please do invite me if you decide to do it again, or put on any kind of workshop. Victoria Helby

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